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Born on 5yh of April 1957 in Grudziądz. In 1984, he graduated from the polytechnic. The artist's favorite material is glass. In 1992, he collaborated with Western Ceramics in Toronto and took part in an exhibition of utility ceramics and glass in Toronto. Since then, he has participated in many collective exhibitions presenting his original performance of applied art made of glass. For many months he worked with such glassmakers as Luigi Barbaro from Murano and Poul Jörgensen from Sweden. This cooperation resulted in 1998 in a joint exhibition in Bornholm (Island Öland, Sweden). In 1998 he started cooperation with the companies "Cristal Amber Rosenthal" and "Vitra 

Design Museum" (Germany). He constantly collaborates with other creators and designers in the design and implementation of utility forms, as well as interior design elements (lamps, plafonds, water curtains, tables). Works designed and made by the artist can be found in many private collections, in companies and museums in Poland and abroad.

The artist belongs to the Warsaw District of the Polish Association of Artists and Designers.

  • 1997 - Polish House, Berlin
  • 1998 - Artur Włodarczyk Gallery, Karpacz
  • 2009 - Abbekás Gallery, Abbekás, Sweden

Selected group exhibitions and competitions:

  • 1992 - "Utility Ceramics and Glass", Toronto
  • 2002 - Nude Photo Exhibition in the salon of the Lower Silesian Association of Photo-graphic Artists and Audiovisual Artists, Wrocław
  • 2002 - Participation in the photo competition "Humoristic Photography", Buenos Aires
  • 2006 - Gotyk, Stara Papiernia, Warsaw

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It's hard to write two or three summary sentences about them all - they are as different as their creative personalities may differ, but they have one thing in common - they are incredibly devoted to their work. What they do is their passion, thanks to which the sculptures and figurines they create - or even utility objects - are truly unique. By clicking on any of the photos above, you can read a short biographical note on each and every one of them - but the best way to get to know them is to look at their work. Welcome!