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ZYGA DESIGN is a small family brand established in 2021. It is an encounter of three temperaments living under one roof. The artistic visions of Marek have been taken up by his son Bartosz, who started to learn the craft and share his father’s passion for unobvious forms. The young artist gave up engineering studies in order to search for his own creative path and work on the form in the basement of his family home, together with Marek. The third, equally important element is Agnieszka Zyga — an organizer who makes impossible possible. The family is linked and driven by art — it sets the rhythm of the household’s everyday life, bringing all three of them together and uniting them with a timeless bond.

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It's hard to write two or three summary sentences about them all - they are as different as their creative personalities may differ, but they have one thing in common - they are incredibly devoted to their work. What they do is their passion, thanks to which the sculptures and figurines they create - or even utility objects - are truly unique. By clicking on any of the photos above, you can read a short biographical note on each and every one of them - but the best way to get to know them is to look at their work. Welcome!