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He started his adventure with glass in 1991 in Greece. There, under the watchful eye of the masters, he learned unique techniques of coloring and manual glass forming. The desire to create designs in his own studio was realized in 1997, when he returned to Poland and, together with his wife Ewa, opened their own glass workshop, creating unique glass, functional and decorative forms in their own style. His works can be found in many art galleries in Poland and abroad. JARGIŁO glass decorates, among others, the chambers of the presidential palace in Wisła

"From the furnace in which there is liquid glass, we take a small portion of glass onto the tibia (metal tube). Rolling it on the steel table, we give it a cylindrical shape. We give the glass the right shape by pressing with wooden profiles, boards, pressing and pulling with pliers, cutting with 

scissors and blowing air in. The finished glass form is immediately put aside in a special furnace, in which the initial temperature is from 480 to 540 ° C. Slow cooling of about 8-14 hours or more removes stresses in the glass (this is called glass relaxation). " Marek Jargiło 

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It's hard to write two or three summary sentences about them all - they are as different as their creative personalities may differ, but they have one thing in common - they are incredibly devoted to their work. What they do is their passion, thanks to which the sculptures and figurines they create - or even utility objects - are truly unique. By clicking on any of the photos above, you can read a short biographical note on each and every one of them - but the best way to get to know them is to look at their work. Welcome!